CALA presents the exhibition MATERIA in Mexico City, launching its first edition, with the collaborations of world renown artist and architects Jorge Pardo, Mauricio Rocha, David Wiseman, Ezequiel Farca + Cristina Grappin and Moises Hernandez. The name MATERIA refers the alchemy: the transformation of everyday raw materials into precious furniture and objects; the word transformation being key, since the exhibition focuses on the creative processes of its makers and the workshop.

The pieces that make up this first exhibition offer an alternative vision of the current consumer society and the role that design plays in it. These handmade and therefore unique products, are statements on material and function, opting for materials and traditional or preindustrial techniques and repurposing them with new possibilities. This exhibition was hosted by Labor Gallery as part of TERRITORIO URBANO (Design Week Mexico/World Capital Design)

CALA is a new initiative by Mónica Calderón Studio founded by Mónica Calderón and Úrsula Verea which explores the design of objects and furniture through functional and sculptural limited editions created in collaboration with internationally known artists, architects and designers. CALA seeks to develop experimental products made of resin, wood, bronze and other materials in which the proposals of avant-garde creators are combined with the manual processes of the master craftsmen of their workshop.

MCS is a studio dedicated to the ideation, design and production of accessories and furniture which are both decorative and functional. The creative platform’s signature material is resin, an element that flaunts a series of radical and revolutionary technical possibilities. In the workshop, artisanal and traditional procedures are applied to create luxury objects, always showing a wide array of forms, colors and finishes.